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Spam varieties that are commonly seen

What exactly is PHP?

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Spam varieties that are commonly seen

Spam varieties that are commonly seen

Advertisements in the media Whether an email message is a spam or a genuine commercial, it is subject

What Is Spam Email and How Do I Avoid It?

What Is Spam Email and How Do I Avoid It?

Unsolicited and undesired junk email delivered in bulk to an indiscriminate recipient list is spam email. Spam is

What exactly is PHP?

What exactly is PHP?

PHP (hypertext preprocessor) is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language suitable for web development and can be


Email Sorting



WordPress Themes + Spam Filters

When you are developing WordPress themes, you need to be careful to prevent some common spamming methods. It is always highly recommended to use premium WordPress themes such as Divi which are programmed well, audited and hardened to prevent against spam attacks. They also have native support for additional spam protection such as CAPTCHA plugins.

Blacklist Filters

Blacklist email spam filters work by blocking emails from senders that have been put on a list of spammers. Blacklist filters are updated on a regular basis because spammers can change their email addresses relatively easily. If a spammer switches from one email domain to another, the email may still be able to penetrate the filter until it is updated and the sender’s emails once again get labeled as spam.

Spam filtering on the desktop

Desktop spam filters are installed on a user’s computer and can be customised and personalised one-to-one. Desktop-based spam filters include Microsoft SmartScreen and G-Lock SpamCombat.

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Email/Spam Filtering

Spam can also contain relatively harmless content, but it can clog up your inbox, taking up valuable storage space and making it more difficult to distinguish between critical, helpful emails. Spam filters are capable of identifying spam emails. These useful tools are capable of detecting spam email patterns.